This blog is a work-in-progress after a horrific accident (totally self-inflicted) wiped it out!

Pro Tip: Always backup what you store online!

Thoughts and Actions

Me, trying to wrap my senses around Lacrimosa, before choir practice. Man, sprinting down the stairs, and then towards my compartment. Man: Hayooda ? Hayooda? Hayooda? Me :Nahin, nahin! Bombardier! Man, skids to a halt just outside the door. Doors close. The train shimmies out of Rajiv Chowk. I turn around to find a hundred faces asking me the…

Dude, where’s my horse?!

I grappled with the meaning and usage of a number of words when I moved to NOIDA in 2009. For example, pancher, pincher, and paincher – all mean puncture. Go figure! But something very peculiar happened one chilly November evening. I was doing the dishes when someone started pounding away at my door. I opened…

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