Month: March 2018

Thoughts and Actions

Man, sprinting from the stairs, towards my compartment’s entrance. Man, yelling:Hayooda? Hayooda? Hayooda? Me, yelling, hand outstretched to stop him:Nahin, nahin! Bombardier! Man, skids to a halt just outside the door. Doors close. The train shimmies out of Rajiv Chowk. I, very tentatively, turn around to find a hundred faces, also bewildered, asking me the same Read More

Dude, where’s my horse?!

I’ve been grappling with the usage of certain words, ever since I came over to NOIDA. For example, pancher, in NOIDA,  is intended to convey puncture. I’ve heard several variants and pincher and paincher tend to stick the most. I told you about this to set context. Now, something very peculiar happened last evening. I Read More