Thoughts and Actions

Me, trying to wrap my senses around Lacrimosa, before choir practice.

Man, sprinting down the stairs, and then towards my compartment.

Man: Hayooda ? Hayooda? Hayooda?

Me :Nahin, nahin! Bombardier!

Man, skids to a halt just outside the door. Doors close. The train shimmies out of Rajiv Chowk.

I turn around to find a hundred faces asking me the question echoing down the hallways of my empty brain – “Dude! What just happened?

So glad that the very next stop is Patel Chowk. Phew!

What just happened:
  • I prefer Bombardier trains to any other make; when travelling alone, I will generally wait for Bombardier trains to come along. I heard ‘Hayooda’, thought he meant ‘Hyundai’.
  • Hayooda is one of the ways HUDA City Center is referred to – it marks the end of the line. “Yes, Hayooda! Get in!“, would have been my correct response to that poor man.

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